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●  The Checking of our Water Consumption
●  Winter Bleed
Protection of Water-gauges from Freezing
What Happens When I am Not at Home at the Moment When the Water-gauges are begin Metered?



The Checking of our Water Consumption

Drinking water is our most important foodstuffs. The lack of water is immediately noticeable. We would not like the produced, cleaned and distributed water to be wasted, so we give advises to our consumers to check the water-pipes regularly and also the fittings. The taps and toilet wash-waters in your house which are hurt can easily be noticed. Do not wait for long with them to be mended, because the leaking water can rise your bill.

It is more difficult to notice the mistakes or fails of water-pipes that are in the ground or in the walls. It could be easily checked, if you turn off all the taps in the house and then watch the water-gauge. If you do not see any movement in the water-gauge and even the small star-like-wheel is still, then you can know that everything is all right in the system.

If the star-like-wheel is turning, it means there is a break or a crack in the water-pipe system. in that case call a plumber and look immediately for the raison of the mistake and have the water-pipe and fittings mended.


Winter Bleed

If you do not use the buildings during the winter time then by all means make the system free of water in the following way:

● Turn off the ball-tap behind the water-gauge.
● Open all the taps that you have in the building and in the garden, too.
● Put the bleeder-tap in the right position.
● Let the water out of the hot-water heaters, toilet water-tanks and washing-machines.
● Pour some common salt into the siphon of lavatory, basin and sink or some other liquid that cannot be frozen. Otherwise, the frost would break the things made of glazed earthenware, porcelain or plastic.

In spring when you open all the taps, be careful the underground stopcock to be working properly because it can occur that at the bleeder-tap there is leaking. This can be checked at the star-like-wheel of the water-gauge. After turning on the tap at the water-gauge well, the star-like-wheel should stay still if all the other taps in the house are turned off.

Protection of Water-gauges from Freezing

The cold winter can cause serious damages in the water system, so we advise you to take care of the following, before the cold season comes:

● Turn off and bleed the garden taps!
● Have a look at the cover of the water-gauge, does it fits all right.
● Cover the water-gauge or the cover with heat insulator material!
● Take care to shut the windows of those cells or basements where there are the water-pipes.


What Happens When I am Not at Home at the Moment When the Water-gauges are begin Metered?


In the case you are not at home on the day of metering the water-gauge, our co-worker will leave a notice in your mailbox. In such case, we would like to ask you a favour, to inform our customer’s service office about the position of the water-gauge. In the case that there is no metering station nearby, then the „Tisa Waterworks” Ltd. will make out a bill according to the last year’s average usage of water. The possible difference in the bill will be made during the following metering. In such cases, the current state of the water-gauge can be made in the customer’s office up to the date that is presented:



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