Greeting words

It is a valuable property which is necessary in every human activity. Water does not know the limit - it is claimed in the European convention for water which however speaks little about those who are dealing with this work.

Welcome on our modest Web presentation and if you are convinced that you need some of our services, we are kindly inviting you to come and meet us at our Waterworks, to become business partners. We hope that after a well done work we will become friends too, as our aims are surely the same: to provide our consumers clean and drinking water and in sufficient amounts every day by maximal savings and rationalization of the system. At drainage and cleaning up the waste waters our motto is to preserve our healthy nature for the future generations. We are urged to work like this, for we did not inherit water from our ancestors but we are borrowing it from our descendants.

Along with our other activities like, hydro-construction, projecting production and checking of water gages and with the production of concrete pipes and elements - we just want to help our business partners.

Yours sincerely,
Markoti─ç Vesna

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