Our company's philosophy


“Water! You have neither taste nor flavor, you cannot be determined;
you are tested without being recognized.
You are not a necessity of life: you are the life itself.”

Our Earth consists of 75% water, but only 1% of its complete water supply is fresh water and even less amount of it is drinking water ready for every day use of mankind. Water is present in every cell of our body, it transports the nutritive materials to the cells, it helps the food to be absorbed and it also regulates body temperature. Our body consists of 75% water, so to retrieve the continuous loss of water we should take 2-2,5 l of water daily. But in order to get the proper quality of drinking water in our taps we should meet very serious technical and technological challenges.


• During our working career we tend to increase the contentment of our consumers, owner, employees and the society in general.
• We offer a reliable water work service and we provide the quality of water according the regulations.
• We pay special attention to successful economy without loss of possession to expanding of the social property, to keep financial balance and maintain solvency.
• We also tend to maintain the market place of our firm, its improvement and the best usage of the existing capacity.
• The state and local council property waterworks that is under our managing are run safely according to the contracts and their condition is conserved.
• We comply with the legal and other rules that concern us.
• In harmony with our activity, the dangerous effects on the environment are kept on the lowest extent. We make efforts to prevent the pollution of the environment.
• We set aims and their realization and valuation are also checked.
• We plan the continuity and development of our activity and record the responsibility limits.
• We make plans and provide the resources that are essential for the effective work of the processes and the achievement of our aims.
• We regularly optimize our expenses.
• Along with our suppliers we make beneficial business relations.
• In order to do the tasks and make decisions we regularly provide the needed information. We take care of the privacy and safety of all information.
• We tend to increase the contentment of our employees. We regularly develop the culture of their profession. We also provide equality for chances.
• We keep the health of our workers and create safe and polite working conditions.
• We esteem the satisfaction of the interested parties, the efficacy of our processes, the characteristic parameters and also the risks of our activities.
• We do not accept our mistakes. We constantly reveal and stop the causes and possibilities for mistakes.


The Tisa Waterworks company with limited liability tends to have an integrated role in a concentrated and centralized water supply and executing producing organization.

Our mission is to provide our consumers a long term and safe European standard in water and canalization service by rational production allocations, including the support for special needs for spa services, too.

Beside the high level performance of our basic activity, it is very important for us to have joined undertaking that can improve our profitability; water-building, special works, design, the taking over of cooperative production technologies.

We guarantee the local government which is responsible for the basic supply to provide a high level service. For the investors of capital we take of responsibility for gaining a rational amount of accumulation of capital.

We want to maintain and keep a straight relationship with all our consumers and business partners. We expect from our workers to identify with the common aims and in return we offer them a stable working place, proper income level, good working conditions and professional respect.

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