Future plans

In order to offer high quality services to its consumers and to satisfy the newly arisen needs shown through some legislative acts and orders. Of the European Union, it is necessary to do big actions in the progress and development of the system:


• Planned reconstruction of the pipe system in all settlements of the township.
• Carrying out of the study “Analysis of the quality of ground drinking water resources and the possibility of centralization of the sources”.
• Carrying out the study “Proposal about the classification and categorization of the reserves of ground drinking water”.

On the basis of above mentioned proposal it is to be accepted the realization of the project:
• Starting out with the substitution of existing water pipes made of inadequate material for contemporary materials.
• Constructing the installations for better quality of raw water.
• Creating new sources and increasing the number of wells
• The project of constructing a drinking water reservoir in Kanjiža
• Project of creating a drinking water reservoir in Horgoš
• Introduction of the system for the reduction of losses.


•Further construction of drainage collectors in Horgoš and Kanjiža and starting out the construction works in smaller settlements.
• Finishing the equipment for purification waste waters in Kanjiža for 15.000 ER.
• Enlarging the II phase equipment for purification of waste water in Horgoš
• Plan for solving the problem of purification waste waters in small settlements of the township.

For improving the quality of our services in 2006. we plan to introduce ISO 9001 14.000 and HCCP for the checking of the quality of our services, as well as the quality for preserving a good quality of drinking water.

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